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Knowledge City unveiled in Kerala, CM lauds Markaz initiative
An integrated township comprising state-of-the-art knowledge houses, health care and hospitality realms, residential enclaves and a cluster of information technology firms coming up in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
Oommen Chandy, the states chief minister, unveiled the master plan for the Markaz Knowledge City under the aegis of a prominent Islamic institute, the Markazu Saquafathi Sunniyya, near the northern city of Kozhikode in the presence of senior ministers and foreign delegates.
Dr. Omar Al-Khatib, the assistant director general of Dubais Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities, laid the foundation for the first project in the township, the states first Unani medical college, at the function.
The first phase of the Knowledge City occupies 125 acres of land where a seamless campus comprising residential facilities for 5,000 students and over 500 faculty members is coming up with facilities like e-learning, digital classrooms, lecture halls and studios.
The Knowledge City offers education in the field of law, medicine, business management, engineering and technology. The campus would also provide training facilities for various extracurricular, job-oriented and personality development activities.
Located at Kaithapoyil, 45 km from Kozhikode city, the center of excellence will also offer recreation and leisure facilities, supported by quality social and physical infrastructure. Schools following international syllabus, a multi-speciality hospital, hotel and internationals convention center and a huge shopping mall are also planned in the self-contained township.
I am impressed by the pace with which the land acquisition is completed and the project is progressing, said the Chief Minister who offered all infrastructure and other support for the project. In this century of knowledge, we should be able to fully utilize the technical knowledge.
Chandy also cleared a road project connecting Adivaram to Karassery and to expedite a project providing seamless road connectivity to the nearest international airport at Karippur and the hilly district of Wayanad.
The government is not capable of taking up such huge projects and mobilizing resources in such a time-bound manner. So the Markaz rally deserves a pat on the back, the chief minister said.
State Industries Minister PK Kunhalikutty laid the foundation stone for the Cyboland IT Park, Power Minister Aryadan Mohammed for the Residential Garden and Deputy Leader of Opposition Kodiyeri Balakrishnan laid the foundation stone for the engineering student hostel.
Health Minister VS Sivakumar, Works Minister VK Ibrahim Kunhu, Social Welfare Minister Dr. MK Muneer and Urban Affairs Minister Manjalamkuzhi Ali laid the foundation for various projects coming within the campus.

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Markaz knowledge city: Construction works to start soon

Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar speaking at the knowledge city launching ceremony
Kaithapoyil [Kozhikode]: The knowledge city project by Karantur Sunni Markaz, catering some major initiatives in health and education sectors will have its construction works started within days, said Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar.
The first stage of the construction works estimated at a cost of around 300 crore INR will be realised within three years, said the top religious scholar from Kerala.
During my visits to foreign countries, the Arabs, the Europeans, Africans and Americans used to ask me whether Markaz could enrol their kids as well in the future. Markaz has undertaken this major initiative the knowledge city taking into consideration their queries as well the memories of a glorious past of the Muslim community in the educational and health sectors, said AP Aboobacker Musliyar speaking to TCN over phone.

The Markaz Knowledge City site map

Markaz is about to celebrate its 35th anniversary this time and the dream project - Knowledge City will be our most cherished dedication to the nation, said the Sunni leader.
Renaissance in its real sense takes place when the down-trodden gets liberated. So it is important to stick to the fundamentals of Islam and stand firm on your decision to maintain the rituals and faith associated with it; it is along with this the community should be able to communicate with the trends in the modern world. The Knowledge city so will be the right kind of approach to mould believers towards a much needed renaissance, he informed.
The project declaration and land acquisition were held at the proposed land at Kaithapoyil on December 23 by Samastha president Abdurahman al Bukhari. Markaz has kept apart 100 acres of land for the project close to the Kozhikode City. The function was attended by several religious scholars.
A Unani medical college is expected to start functioning within a year at the proposed knowledge city site. The knowledge city project besides includes a multi-speciality hospital, IT park, Law college, special school, International convention centre and technical educational institute.

The proposed site for knowledge city at Kaithapoyil, Kozhikode

The construction works will progress in accordance with fund collected from the public, and as per the present plans, the whole project will get realised within five years. As soon as the project get realised to its full effect, it will cater almost 20,000 employment opportunities, informed AP Aboobacker Musliyar. TwoCircles.net 01/01/2013

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