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The Govt Can't go ahead without facing the basic needs of the people: Kanthapuram

The govt Can't go ahead without facing the basic needs of the people and the governance is impossible by only addressing the corporates in a country with more than 130. crores population, said Kanthapuram AP Abubacker Musliyar here on Thursday while delivering inaugural speech in SSF Hindsafar Concluding Coremony conducted at Calicut Beach. He added the that it is not a political justice to work only for making vote banks and escaping by ignoring the basic needs of people of the country. That will demolish the democratic system of the country . It is matter of severe concern that , though India is passing Seven decades of independence, the fifty percentage of the people are living with the burden of illiteracy and poverty.
The goverment is obligated to bring the socially marginalized people to the mainstream of the society. The people too are a part of governmental institutions . The representatives are responsible to do the dulties related to their concerned people. The authority must be ready to correct their ideologies of hatred which are embedded in the process of making of policies .Minorities in North India are confined in the prisons of insecurity and fear. Villages here are even without basic developments. Governments here fail to ensure adequate education and adorable jobs.Actually we are boasting as developing only by addressing mere twenty perscentage of those who are enjoying pleasure and power in the higher level of social hierarchy. Even now ,if the authority is not willing to open their eyes to the naked realities, then the country wil become a naked picture of humans sleeping in gellies and starving in the streets.
Some people are still pointing their guns towards the chest of Our Father of Nation Our country has enough resources for all its people to live by. The problem is that some are distributing all these on behalf of Cast and Creed, colour and figure.

To offend the constitutional rights and freedom , to amend the constitution according to one's own wills and desires, and to interefere in Sharia rules are not allowable.These are only a part of poducing a set of dissatified people.It will unsustain the country. The governments able to keep up the secular values and to know the pulse of the people must come into power.
A systematic educational ventures and activities as Kerala model
are running all over the country under the headship of Samastha Kerala Jam - iyyatul - Ulama and its sub organizations. We will empower all these in the upcoming days, Kanthapuram added.
Samastha Vice President Sayyid Ali Bafaqi Thangal performed the Opening Prayer in the conference. SSF Kerala State Gen. Secretary AP Muhammed Ashar welcomed the gathering. Kerala Muslim Jama-ath General Secretary Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Bukhari presided over the function. Samastha Secretary Ponmala Abdul Qadir Musliyar delivered the main speech.
SSF National President Dr Shoukhath Naeemi Al Bukhari, General Secretary Abubacker Sidhiq Karnataka, Finance Secretary Zuhairudhin Noorani West Bengal, Vice President Dr Farooq Naeemi Al Bukhari Kerala, Salik Ahmad Latheefi Assam, Noushad Alam Misbahi Bihar,Secretary Sayyid Sajid Bukhari , SSF Gujarath State President Akram Abdul Gani , Manipur State President Salman Qurshid delivered speech.
Kerala Hajj Committee Chairman C. Muhammed Faizy ,SYS Kerala State President Sayyid Thaha Thangal Saqafi , Vice presidents AP Abdul Hakeem Azhari, Sayyid Muhammed Thurab Saqafi, SSF Kerala State President CK Rashid Bukhari felicitated the programme 07/01/2019.

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Mangaluru: SSF holds rally against drugs and alcohol in New Year parties

Mangaluru, Dec 31: Sunni Students Federation (SSF), Mangaluru Division held a rally against alcohol consumption at Kavoor junction on Monday, December 31.
Inaugurating the rally Hafil Sufian Sakafi, SSF state secretary said, Mahatma Gandhi the father of our nation dreamt of alcohol-free India. In his speeches and writings, he stressed about this. But after his death, his followers forgot his teaching. India is becoming one of the countries where alcohol is very cheap and available everywhere. It is proved that ninety percent of criminal activities are happening after consuming alcohol and drugs. People have committed crimes such as rapes and brutal murders. Our governments and responsible authorities never bothered about our social security. Day by day our young generation are attracted to drugs and becoming a threat to society.
We all know a large quantity of alcohol and drugs are getting ready for sale on New Years Eve. Youth and students are consuming drugs in the night parties in the name of New Year. This practice should stop. Authorities should take strict action against this. Same time the citizens who want peace in society should raise voice against the drug parties, he stressed.
Zunaid Sahadi, president, SSF Mangaluru Division, Hakim Kulur, Azmal, president, Kavoor, K H Bava, SYS Kavoor centre were present. 01/01/2019 

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IPB Catalogue

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Kerala Yathra Photos



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